DRIVER: Rob Coley
Born: 1971
Town: Wanganui
Day Job: Director
Born: 1976
Town: Wanganui
Day Job: #1 Wife
Engine: Nissan Twin Turbo, 1200HP
Hull: Sprintec
Sponsors: MouthFresh, Building King,
HRE Engines

Turbo Extreme #2NZ/69

DRIVER: Reuben Hoeksema
Born: 1992
Town: West End
Day Job: Mechanic
Born: 1999
Town: Auckland
Day Job: Automotive Electrician
Engine: 3.4L 2JZ-GTE 1000HP
Hull: Sprintec
Jet Unit: 9″ Modified Unit
Sponsors: Lincoln Automatics,
Automotive Panel and Paint Supplies,
EFI&Turbo, Lubricants NZ,
Vertex Lubricants

Wired #3NZ/73

DRIVER: Aaron Hansen
Born: 1971
Town: Tauranga
Day Job: Fencer
NAVIGATOR: Julie-Anne Shanks
Town: Tauranga
Day Job: Contract Resource Management Planner
Engine: 500ci Small Block Chev
Hull: Sprintec
Jet Unit: Scott 8 5″
Sponsors: Dual Tech Fencing, Dual Tech Consultants, Mo’s Mowing

Meaner Machine #43

DRIVER: Richard Murray
Born: 1967
Town: Wanganui
Day Job: Farmer/Contractor
NAVIGATOR: Steve  Edmonds
Born: 1967
Town: Wanganui
Day Job: Engineer
Engine: Ford 440 Supercharged 1500HP
Hull: Stinger
Jet Unit: 9 Hydro Pump
Sponsors: Donaghys, Transag, Agriseeds, Adama, Pioneer, Independent Wrap, Coleman Marine, Eliason Hospitality

The Ghost #47

DRIVER: Phil Dick
Born: 1968
Town: Hamilton
Day Job: Engineer Manager
Hayden Digby Smith
Born: 1993
Town: Hamilton
Day Job: E Sport Athlete
Engine: HRE588 Cubic inch BBC 1100HP
Hull: Jetdesignco H1
Jet Unit: Jetdesignco 9 Inch
Sponsors: DKJ Welding Services LTD


DRIVER: Sam Newdick
Born: 1982
Town: Hamilton
Day Job: Drainlayer
Shama Putaranui
Born: 1987
Town: Ashburton
Day Job: Administrator
Engine: 575ci small block V8,
Hull: Sprintec G-Force
Jet Unit: SDM 8.75″ (with a Sprintec twist)
Sponsors: PSP Suntuf, PSP ClearVue, Drainage Systems Ltd, GJ Gardner Homes, Magnum Automotive, Hynds, Biolytix, Newdick Sheetmetals, Prestige Building Removals,
Advantage Designer Homes, General Formulations

Bar’s Bugs #52

DRIVER: Blake Briant
Town: Gisborne
Day Job: Farmer
NAVIGATOR: Cassandra Norman
Born: 1981
Town: Palmerston North
Day Job: Human Resources Administrator
Engine: LS 512 cubic inch 1000HP
Hull: Stinger Hull & Hydropump Jet Unit
Sponsors: Bar’s Bugs, Harvest Transport, Andrew Harvey Spray Painters

devils advocate #80

DRIVER: Robert White
Born: 1963
Town: Invercargill
Day Job: Fisherman
Born: 1981
Town: Haast
Day Job: Fiordland Lobster
Engine: 440 Small Block Twin Turbo 1000HP
Hull: Stinger
Jet Unit: 9 Inch Unit
Sponsors: Loyal Fishing, Hydraulink

Blue Flame #99

DRIVER: David Simmons
Born: 1974
Town: Patoka, Napier
Day Job: Draughtsman
NAVIGATOR: Millie Simmons
Born: 2003
Town: Havelock North
Day Job: Student
Engine: LSR 850 HP
Hull: Stinger
Jet Unit: 9″ Hydropump
Sponsors: Link ECU,
Engine Rebuilders Wanganui (0800 My Engine), IMS NZ, SMB Productions

kiwispan #190

DRIVER: Ashley Hey
Born: 1986
Town: Masterton
Day Job: Transport Operator
NAVIGATOR: Rowan Thornton
Born: 1989
Town: Masterton
Day Job: Director
Engine: 410 800hp
Hull: Sprintec, Scott Jet
Sponsors: Kiwi Span, Kiwi Span Wairarapa,
Wairarapa Transport Solutions, RMF Fabrication

Liquid Gold #232

DRIVER: Graeme Hill
Born: 1961
Town: Hastings
Day Job: Nursery Worker
Born: N/A
Town: N/A
Day Job: N/A
Engine: Nissan V6 Twin Turbo
Hull: Alloy Hull, Hill Pump
Sponsors: Liquid Gold, Hartley Nissan, MSE Turbos NZ, Tumu ITM, Hill Nurseries Ltd

Stil-at-it #303

DRIVER: Tony Reade
Born: 1960
Town: Waitara
Day Job: Engineer
Production Manager
NAVIGATOR: Andrew Baikie
Born: 1983
Town: Urenui
Day Job: Concreter
Engine: Chev S/B 800 hp
Hull: Stinger
Sponsors: Shifty’s Sports Bar & TAB, Peter Sole Transport Limited, Waitara Super Liquor, Egmont Industrail Supply Limited